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Harnessing America's Minority Tech Boom:

Leveraging Economies of Scale

Hybrid Event

Date: September 12, 2024

Time: 2:00PM - 3:30PM EST

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Leveraging Economies of Scale

Celebrating Growth and Economic Diversity$110 Billion industry | 550,00 Employees

For over two decades the minority technology industry has has found representation with initially the National Minority Technology Council and now the Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT).  As we celebrate SBA and the National  Small Business Week it is important for us to recognize this market segment of over 65,000 minority tech employers. and how laws have bolstered opportunities for growth, prosperity, job creation and innovation.

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Harnessing America's Minority Tech Boom

H.R.1807 - Business Opportunity Development Reform Act of 1988 was designed to give a boost to small businesses, especially those owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.  The law emphasizes the need for geographical and industrial diversity, and  encouraging growth and owner sustainability.

With a mix of loans, contract awards, and training assistance, the act aims to ensure these businesses can compete fairly in the American economy. This event explores it's significance in assisting minority tech companies push towards empowering small businesses with the tools they need to thrive.

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CEO - Council Exchange Board of Trade

Karl Cureton

Karl Cureton leads as Chairman & CEO of CEBOT, advocating for over 65,000 minority technology employers. He focuses on inclusive economic development, public-private partnerships, and innovative procurement solutions. His work extends to STEM education, career readiness, and equitable prosperity through the Community Outcome Fund and national initiatives.

65,000 Minority Technology Companies

The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) brings a rich history of advocacy and procurement policy guidance within the federal policy ecosystem.  The $110 Billion Minority Technology Industry is a source of jobs to over 550,000 professionals both in the United States and abroad. 

CEBOT  brings applied research & development to growth algorithms that catalyze regional innovation ecosystems, stimulating economic development and uplifting minority business and community.  CEBOT leadership and Senior Fellows bring new capabilities, investment and research capacity to the minority technology industry and to the stakeholders they serve.




Engagement requires value and produces consensus when process is key.  Governance gives rise to planned growth both individually and throughout the ecosystem.

Growth rises when not stifled by moral hazard.   CEBOT algorithms facilitate a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

Innovation liberates possibilities, improves systems and can transform bureaucracies into managed serviced/resource based functions.   

Looking Forward Research & Development

Minority Tech Top 1000

Industry supplier scouting research is now underway across the U.S., evaluating over 3,000 of the industries top minority tech companies. 

The market research process on the top 1000 minority tech employers will be announced fall 2024

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Capture Purpose and Growth through Sustainable Partnerships!

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Looking Forward Research & Development

21st Century's Emerging Economic Imperative

Aligning economic choice with core human values  disrupts status quo and builds a sustainable business ecosystem.  Future profit ventures that focus on both customer and community needs  will prove most competitive.

Market Based Approach

Industry Governance Solutions
for  Social Network Systems

Many aspects of the world economy are determined more by corporate action than government control.  Research indicates a growing need for industry perspectives and solutions to externalities and social safety nets that harmonize profit to measured outcomes for the common good of people and planet.

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